Ambition's Graveyard is a collaborative interdisciplinary art space for experimentation, exploration and sharing, co-created with its members.

Terms & Conditions


Payments are processed using Stripe's recurring subscription feature. You can pause or cancel at any time by heading to our Stripe portal.

If your membership is cancelled and you have a website hosted by us, or an account on our members-only social network, we'll get in touch via email to check in and work out the best path forwards.

The payment details entered will be charged immediately, and if a recurring payment has been set up ('membership') this will recur on the same date each calendar month. For example, if you choose the £5/month tier on the 17th of August, the first £5 will be processed immediately, and the next payment of £5 will be processed on the 17th of September.


Memberships are on a month-to-month rolling basis, with no minimum term. Members can pause or cancel their membership at any time, with no penalty. Ambition's Graveyard Ltd reserves the right to cancel an individual or organisation's membership which will not be unreasonably exercised.

Membership paid on a monthly basis (or on a schedule otherwise agreed with Ambition's Graveyard Ltd) entitles the member to the perks as discussed in conversation with Ambition's Graveyard Ltd at the time of membership commencement.

These offers may be altered or customised to meet the needs of a member.


We are a non-profit limited company (Limited by Guarantee, registered in England & Wales with Company Number 14446660) and our goal is to bring enough in through membership that we can cover our expenses. Following this ethos, our pricing structure is necessarily mutable and can flex to meet the needs of any prospective member of the space.

We are a space founded on anarchist principles and are more than happy to discuss alternate exchanges in order to access the space or other services we provide for those with low and very low incomes. This could be simply a different payment schedule, or could be access in exchange for labour, knowledge, or just because you asked. While we seek to run a close community resource we do not seek to be exclusionary in our practices.


Ambition's Graveyard Ltd has a studio and workshop space in Norwich, with access granted as a perk of membership. The address of this premises is Unit 6C, ABC Wharf, Norwich, NR1 1QH. Ambition's Graveyard is not a public venue.

Access to the studio space is on a shared basis - no member is entitled to exclusive use of any particular part of the studio and membership agreements do not constitute a lease under law. Access is granted at the discretion of Ambition's Graveyard Ltd.

Full access information is viewable here.

Privacy Policy

This is pretty simple - we'll never share any personal information with any third party other than as described below.

During the registration process we collect the bare minimum - name, email and phone number - which we'll use to stay in touch to deliver on our member perks. At the point of registration, you'll also be signed up to our Buttondown mailing list which is what we use to communicate with members. The only organisations who ever see your personal info are Stripe, Buttondown, and us.

We don't use cookies or trackers on any of our websites. Most of the time, you'll be simply interacting with sites we've made from scratch, hosted on our Raspberry Pi web server. If we need to, we would be able to view the IP addresses of people who've connected to our site - but so can anyone else who runs an online service. That's literally it!! Our Internet Service Provider is Virgin Media, who also would be able to see the traffic if they so wished. This be the deal we make when we use online things. Our ISP actually at AG is EE, who can see this information if you connect to our wifi in the space.

If you buy anything from our online store this payment is processed by SumUp. This is the same payment processor we use for IRL donations or sales with our SumUp card reader.

In terms of storing personal information longer term - we'll keep bare minumum things (name and email) with a note that you've unsubscribed, and the reason why (if your membership lapses). If you want us to delete this, just send us an email and we'll wipe it clean. We can't guarantee this information won't be retained by our payment processor. We'll also keep hold of any emails exchanged unless specifically requested to delete them - our email provider is Migadu.