Ambition's Graveyard is a collaborative interdisciplinary art space for experimentation, exploration and sharing, co-created with its members.

Ambition's Graveyard is founded on principles of mutual respect, trust, curiosity and kindness. We provide a space for those exploring art, music, performance, writing, or other creative disciplines in and around Norwich. We're informed by our members and are in constant dialogue about how to use the resources we have to do good stuff.

If this sounds like something you'd like to be involved in, do get in touch via email to discuss membership at a rate that meets your needs. Here are some things we can facilitate with and for our members:

We can accommodate recurring or one off payments on any schedule to suit you - any paying subscriber is a member of the space. We have some common subscription amounts below, for ease. These are recurring monthly payments that can be managed at any time by heading here.

If you'd just like to make a one-off contribution to the space, you can do that here, and if you'd like to contribute on some other schedule send us an email.

Payments are processed using Stripe's recurring subscription feature. You can pause or cancel at any time by heading to our Stripe portal.

What can members access?

Upcoming events and news

All contributing members are automatically added to our mailing list which is where we share events, workshops, sessions and other news. This is the only way to keep up with what's going on at AG - we don't share it anywhere else.

Our web server

Members can also have their very own website built and maintained collaboratively with our oversight, and hosted on a Raspberry Pi-based server at our house (we wanted to put it at AG but it didn't work out). Learn more about this

Our physical space

We're a physical place where stuff happens and members can use the space for their own projects! This could be as studio space to work on your art practice, or as a different kind of studio space to do some recording. Maybe you want to practise something, or devise a performance, or just spend some time walking around making funny noises. We can accommodate all of the above, and more - do send us an email to get the ball rolling.

Our online store

Members who make zines, publications, stickers, things like that, can optionally list their works on our online store. We can work out distribution for you too, if you'd like! Exact income split can be negotiable.

With all memberships, we'll discuss the right mix of access for you based on your needs and budget. Our ethos is one of community above all else; if this is something you're interested in participating in, then we're interested in having you.